About Mill Race Folk

December 18, 2017

Jack Sharp, Marisa Straccia and Davy Willis are what you might call enthusiastic novices when it comes to traditional folk songs. We are relatively new to singing them ourselves. Since 2015 we've been running a folk night in Bedfordshire, UK called Mill Race Folk. Our aim is to create an intimate, cosy acoustic folk night with the best folk artists from around the country. We were meeting all these great singers and players such as The Askew Sisters, Martin Carthy, Stick In The Wheel and John Kirkpatrick (to name but a few!) and we felt it would be great to share that in a podcast format.

We want to find out more about traditional folk songs and through running Mill Race Folk we have this opportunity to learn straight from the people who sing them. In the podcasts we ask the performers at Mill Race Folk to choose a song to play as a session, then we have a little chat about it!